One of the things that I love about our local photography club is how active it is.  For all fields of practice - from portraits to landscapes, to macro photography, they do it all.  Each year they also plan a big field trip for the club as well.  But my favorite is the workshops.

In January, it was a portrait session with ballerina's.  We set up three separate areas to shoot.  Each section was to have a model, then they would rotate through.  It's fun because we typically get a chance to expand and practice with something that we may not normally get a chance to do in a paid portrait session.


Rachel was up first.  It took me a beat to get going.  Honestly, I didn't know we were taking portraits of ballerina's until I showed up.  Once the creative flow started though, things got really fun.  I was up on chairs, set up a ladder to shoot from above, I was down on the ground to get reflection off of the floor.  Just a really fun shoot.

I have to thank Kristine, one of my friends for holding the lights for me and generally putting up with me during the shoot.  We didn't have a boom arm for the flash, so there was a lot of holding the light above the models.  In the image above, the softbox (light) was just above her shoulders, just out of the frame of the photo.

Terrin was fun to work with too.  She put up with all sorts of awkward poses we could get her in to.  What I like about the image above is the amount of space around her.  There is nothing to distract the eye from her.

I didn't get much chance to shoot with Payton.  One of those things where there's never enough time in the session to do what you want.  I did get a chance to take some head shots of her which I really liked.  Something about the eyes that are staring right through the image.  There's a saying out there that goes something like "black and white photos are the key to a person's soul".  In many ways, that's what I think of when I see this image.

I want to sincerely thank Rachel, Terrin, and Payton for taking the time out of their schedules to come and be our models for a night.  They were patient with the novices in the group and were willing to stay after the meeting to work with myself and a few of the other photographers.

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