Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a friend of mine.  I met Elena a few years ago after she opened up a bakery here in Hutchinson.  Everyone has a sweet tooth, and Elena's caramel rolls are probably the best I've ever had.  On any given Saturday, you may find me there picking up one before a long ride on my bike.  I'll leave the link to her bakery (click here).

But that's not what you're here for.  You came to see her portrait. 

Elena made this process easy.  Even though she hadn't really been in front of the camera before, she did an amazing job.

As with most sessions, it's hard to pick just one photo that I like the best.

I mean, it is really tough to pick just one.

But just then, the right moment happens, and there it is.

Thank you Elena for doing such an amazing job.  I loved all of the photos that we took.  These are just the few that I thought really stood out.

I also need to give a lot of thanks to Vanessa Soliz, the MUAH for this session.  Vanessa does an amazing job!  We've worked on a couple of sessions together and hope to do more in the future.  You can find a link to her site (click here).

Gallery is below.