I look forward to all of my portrait sessions - even though sometimes I get a bit nervous.  But with Mary's senior portrait session, I was particularly intrigued.  See, Mary is in to sports.  Tennis, and Softball are her main sports, and I love it when senior's bring props along.  With the sports aspect, I knew we would get to do something creative with the equipment.  

More on that later.


First, we walked around downtown Hutchinson.  There are many reasons that I love Hutchinson, but downtown Hutchinson really sticks out.  There is so much architecture and park areas that really make for good backgrounds.  We also headed down to what seems like every photographer in town's favorite bridge.  We can't help ourselves sometimes.  


Mary has been involved in Girl Scouts as well, and the flowers were blooming in the park.  It made for a perfect location.


Then it was on to the sports - and I was ready!

We started with tennis, and then to softball.  

Mary was gracious enough to come back to the studio after the session was done to work on a new product offering for me.  These images will be made in to composites for athletes looking to make something special to remember their season.  I'll have more on this product offering on the blog soon!


Mary, I hope you have an amazing senior year!  Thank you for trusting me to capture this moment in time of your life.  Good luck in tennis, and softball this year.  Get out there and dominate!