Hanna's Fall Session

I'm just going to leave this right here.

After getting all of Hanna's images up and ready to view, I told her I kept coming back to one thing - "these images looked like she was about to drop her next country album."

When we went to this area to shoot, this was exactly what I had envisioned it would turn out to be.  I've mentioned it before, but every session I want to come away conveying an emotion.  In this series of images, I wanted the images to convey the thought about her next chapter in life.  

Hanna Fall 2017--75.jpg

I feel like I say this after each session, but I really had a blast capturing this moment in time for Hanna.  

I can't wait for our winter session!

Hanna Fall 2017--101.jpg


We had serious location ambitions on Kaitlyn's senior portrait session.  And by we, I mean me.

I knew going in to the session that I wanted to hit some of my go to locations.  If anything, it was to just get warmed up.  


Now, I talked about location ambitions - and when that happens, I usually start to run out of sunlight.  But on this day, we were moving, and the light played nice in the sandbox with us.


I swear this never happens to me as a photographer, but the day prior to this, I got really lucky. As I was heading out of town on a work trip, I came across a field of flowers that had just bloomed.  Upon seeing it, I knew I had to shoot there.


From the first image, I knew I was in trouble.  I knew at that moment, I was going to take too many images.  Whatever, we went for it, and we were not disappointed.


As we chased the sun down, we had just a couple of stops left, but we made it!

Oh, and thanks for jumping in to the corn for me!


You've made it!  All the way to senior year.  Enjoy every last minute of your senior year, it goes by way to fast!  

Have a great year, and thank you for choosing me to capture this moment in your life!  



I seem to get one guy every year who is sneaky cool.  Outward, he maybe isn't really looking forward to the shoot - at least that's what he will tell his mom - but on the inside is a solid guy about ready to make his mark on the world.



This year, that was Nick.  


Nick was great.  He was willing to try whatever I threw at him, including getting up on the bridge a bit.  It was also a bit windy the day we took his photos - with his long hair, we had to wait for the wind to die down a bit before each shot.  It gave me a bit more time to talk with him and his mom throughout the shoot as well.  I'm a talker anyway, as most of my senior clients can probably attest to.  


I had a great time with Nick and his mom.  The world awaits this guy's next move!

Thanks for choosing me to take your photos.